fleur500Floral Arrangements

Any occasion is appropriate for a gift of flowers. However, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, Niki customizes each arrangement to ensure that all her customers are happy with a display that reflects their individuality and image. As a multidisciplinary artist, Niki likes creating original and unique arrangements, ranging through funeral tributes, bridal bouquets, table centres, graduation bracelets and much more.

Flora Passion creations
catch everyone’s eye.

Care for your flowers

When you receive a bouquet, put it in water as soon as possible. First, cut the ends diagonally with a knife for a cleaner cut. Avoid direct sunlight or halogen lighting.

The flowers should be fed with the pouch given to you at purchase, except in the case of exotic flowers.

For longer lasting flowers, make sure your flowers stay well hydrated by keeping them out of the heat and spraying them with water from time to time.

Niki will be pleased to give you the right advice for all the types of flowers you may choose.

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